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Swaddlers & Wobblers

Swaddlers & Wobblers


We’ve created a unique environment where mums, dads & carers, get the chance to connect with their baby while we provide a fun & gentle introduction to a second language. There will be stories, songs & puppet fun in your chosen language.

We know how it feels, especially in the early days - you’re sleep deprived & overwhelmed by your precious new package - sometimes it’s all too easy to feel out-of-touch & anxious about leaving the house.

We hold these classes in a comfortable & welcoming environment, helping parent & baby feel at ease & connected with like-minded parents & carers.

The bambini lingo Swaddlers programme is endorsed by Clinical Psychotherapist & Parent Educator Jerilee Claydon.

The Swaddlers class is 30 minutes long, & parents & carers are encouraged to stay after the class for refreshments, feeding time & a chat!


Having sown the seeds of a second language in our earlier classes, at this stage we aim to reinforce and develop the language skills further.

They will learn through movement, songs, dance & role-play.

Parents will be encouraged to continue the language practice at home with homework sheets & practical projects.

These classes are 40 minutes long.

bambini lingo classes are small, lively, fun and friendly with fluent (DBS checked) language speaking experts. Our aim is to 'sow the seed' of a 2nd or 3rd language in the minds of your little ones, or enhance and further develop the language skills of those who already have some linguistic knowledge.

Children learn through having fun, with lots of repetition and interaction, and with age appropriate themes and vocabulary, songs, rhymes, props, puppets, movement and games.

The ability to naturally 'absorb' the vocabulary, as well as the correct accent & intonation of a second language is much easier with this early age group, and lots of research has shown that even young babies can distinguish extremely well between different language sounds.

There are huge benefits to being immersed in a second language at this early stage, which could prove to be invaluable for your children later in life…

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